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Leading change through valuing people
Reddenhill Consulting Limited

Our Approach to Organisational Development

Organisations are evolving entities requiring continuous improvement. Our developmental approach has a firm foundation in a strategic model. It directs the assessment of the impact of actions within a methodology that guides organisations as they identify the key expected results that will add value to meeting the functions of their organisation.

Our focus includes the design and delivery of a bespoke project that will start a change management process relevant to the complexity and degree of change necessary to achieve your organisation’s desired change.

The benefits to the organisation

  • A planned strategic approach rather than reacting to a situation without considering wider or longer-term issues
  • A change agent from outside the organisation’s social system with sound knowledge of how organisations function to guide activities
  • Equipping key staff in your organisation with the skills and tools to be able to plan, organise and deliver change management projects effectively

Activities can include

  • Planning and preparation with the organisation’s executive or senior team
  • Identifying the scope of required change and undertaking a baseline assessment of policy and practice related to the area of required change
  • Setting direction from the baseline assessment including deciding key objectives (or Key Performance Indicators) that will drive achievement of the required outcomes and deciding how success will be measured
  • Undertaking a gap analysis and planning actions to move the organisation forward
  • Developing the organisation’s internal team/ lead person to continue once we have completed the project
  • A written report detailing recommendations and suggested activities that can inform a local strategy

Equality and Diversity

We have a proven track record in helping organisations to understand and act upon their responsibilities in relation to equality legislation, diversity and inclusion through delivering organisational development projects and learning programmes that include equality analysis.

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